A great hostel for groups in Barcelona

Yellow Nest Hostel in Barcelona (With air conditioning)

If you or your group are a football fan, we are less than 200 metres away from the Barcelona´s Football Stadium. We are sure it is the perfect hostel for your group in Barcelona.

From 14,50 per person

Garden House Hostel Barcelona

Garden House Hostel in Barcelona (Very cozy for groups)

The previous groups have classified it as a welcoming and pleasant place, where you can completely disconnect from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. You'll love it.

From 18 per person



Hostels for Groups in Barcelona


Are you looking for a Hostel for your Group in Barcelona?

We are your dedicated specialist for group bookings in Barcelona. We have a complete list of accommodations and hostels to suit your and your group needs. You will be able to find Accommodations for Groups with air conditioning in the rooms for the warm months and heater for the coldest ones. You will also find lodgings with terraces and bar so you can enjoy them whenever you want and share them with your group.

Up to 110 guests per booking!

We can accommodate groups up to 110 guests in our Hostels in Barcelona and we will always offer you the best price available. We can also offer you the best rooms distribution, always making sure that the group can have the best experience in the rooms of our hostels.

In the most popular places!

We have accommodation for your group in the best places in Barcelona. One of Barcelona’s largest and best-known group hostels is just at 200 metres from the Famous Camp Nou Football Stadium in Barcelona. If you or anyone of your group is a Barça fan we are sure that accommodation is the right one for your group.

No booking fee!

We have fast and direct contact for your group with all the hostels in Barcelona. This allows us to offer your group the reservation with no additional cost and no booking fee. You can request a quote without commitment and our team will give you an estimate adapted to the number of people in your group and the days you have planned to visit Barcelona.

Breakfast included.

If you request sufficiently in advance, we can include in your quote breakfast, lunch, packed lunch and/or dinner. As long as they meet the requirements to include it. Ask and we will help you.

We adapt to your needs.

Our hostels in Barcelona have the possibility to adapt to the complex needs of each member of the group. No matter if your group is a group of students, a group of schools, a group of universities, a sports group, a group of friends travelling together or a group of children travelling with adults in charge, our hostels meet all the standards to adapt to all these types of groups: it’s GUARANTEED.

And if at the end you’re not coming to Barcelona

It’s ok, we invite you to visit Valencia!!!

See our Hostels for groups in Valencia