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Historic Center of Valencia

The historic center of Valencia was founded in the year 138 B.C. by the romans and all the different civilizations.

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Valencia is a city with historic center

Valencia is a city with a lot of history especially in the historic center. Valencia was founded in the year 138 b.C. by the romans and have passed different civilizations.

The center is one of its great attractions, it counts with important monuments like the building of the Lonja, patrimony of the Humanity declared by the UNESCO. You can admire the different times that Valencia has passed since we have monuments from different centuries.

The Torres de Serrano and the Torres de Quart are the remains of the walled city that was Valencia, were two of the doors that gave access to the city and that today still stand.

If you visit the Plaza de la Virgen and the Cathedral of Valencia you will find 21 centuries of history with different architectural styles. In this same place every Thursday at 12 pm meets the Water Court, recognized Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The famous Silk Market is one of the most representative buildings of the Gothic civil in Europe, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its façade with sculptures and gargoyles next to the perfect proportions of its doors and windows. Our Home Youth Hostel is located right in front of you!

The palace of Marques de Dos Aguas is the maximum representation of the baroque art of Spain. Here you will find the National Museum of Pottery, with unique pieces that date between the prehistory to Picasso. In addition, inside you can see how a Valencian noble family lived in the 18th century.

In this Mediterranean city the diet and aliment products are very important, that is why we have different markets spread throughout the city. But the two most important are the Central Market and the Colon Market. The central market is considered one of the largest in Europe, built with pre-modernist architecture. Feel the smells, taste the Mediterranean products and enjoy the gastronomy of the country. The Colón market has now been rehabilitated and is conceived as a playful and cultural space with its shops, restaurants and cafes.

The great North Station is the most beautiful modernist building in the city and the current railway station. The inspiration of its façade in Valencian agriculture and the references of the city, will place you between modernity and tradition, between the local and the cosmopolitan.

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